First Puzzle: Just a Probability?



What if I told you that special relativity is not so complicated to understand and that even quantum mechanics may no be as weird as you think? In the pursuit of many (skeptical) questions, I found an intuitive yet completely equivalent way that explains these concepts. This model is not new, and it is not my idea, but unfortunately it has not gotten as much attention as the mainstream ideas.

With this first puzzle I have three goals:

  1. to use this equivalent model to explain (potentially) difficult concepts such as (aspects of) general relativity, special relativity and quantum mechanics in a way such that a “normal” person can understand it (one who may not necessarily have a PhD in mathematics and physics  :-)
  2. to attempt to put these individual “puzzle pieces together” into one coherent picture that makes sense
  3. to dare to ask the question whether this alternative model is not just for fun and nice pictures, but whether it may in fact represent reality – as it was suggested by such famous people as Schrödinger, Lorentz and even Einstein (see page on speeches).

Let me know what you think – and feel free to debate this topic!

Puzzle Piece 1: Optical Black Holes and Particles of Sound
Puzzle Piece 2: What’s the Matter with Matter?
Puzzle Piece 3: What’s special about Special Relativity?
Puzzle Piece 4: The (other) Heisenberg
Puzzle Piece 5: The Doppler Challenge
Puzzle Piece 6: Disentangling the Entanglement