About Me

What defines me are both my curiosity and passion to learn more about how our world works. I always prefer the red over the blue pill – no matter how painful the truth is, even if it changes my world view. I even got my genome sequenced recently, which is pretty crazy given that you never know what might lurk in those genes :-) (luckily, I do not have the “Angelina Jolie” gene, but I now have definitive confirmation that I am in fact a fast caffeine metabolizer :-).

I got my PhD in scientific computing at the ETH Zürich – after I did a Masters in Biochemistry – which is even more evidence that I am a crazy person (at least at that time, the professors thought I was :-). But at least I know I am crazy, so that probably makes me less dangerous.


After my PhD I spent 8 years in San Diego, California, where I worked in the biotech industry as a software engineer (all the way from robotics to biofuels), and currently I am developing software for IonTorrent (PGM – the personal genome machine) for Thermo Fisher Scientific, in the context of personalized medicine.

My hobbies include even more software engineering, physics, Karate and playing the violin.

Contact: Chantal Roth, croth and then the at symbol nobilitas the dot com