The Quest

critical-thinking-cartoonI am not easily satisfied with answers to questions, and I am very skeptical. It doesn’t matter who makes a claim, who wrote that paper, how long something has been established as a “fact”, or what it is about. I won’t believe it unless I completely understand it, and even then, I never stop to doubt  - I doubt myself as well, because I know I am fallible and I make mistakes. I will be happy to change my mind if you can convince me that my current opinion is wrong :-).

I believe that in some respects we are not much better than in the middle ages: then as now there are certain “beliefs” we consider to be true (say, the Big Bang theory), which centuries from now may turn out to be completely wrong – and people will laugh at us for “believing” such crazy things (such as the idea of earth being flat, or the idea of Epicycles ).

That is why I am open minded and will at least listen (skeptically) to ideas that others may not consider (or have forgotten about), because history tells us that once in a while people like Galileo come along with supposedly crazy ideas that bring science forward.

The question of course is: which of all of the scientific theories that we believe in now are wrong, and which ones turn out to be correct? To identify problems in current theories, and in order to make scientific discoveries, it does not help to simply nod and accept all mainstream ideas, but instead we should be asking critical questions.

Because of this, I have read countless books and papers about topics ranging from relativity to quantum mechanics all the way to economics, and I’ve had interesting discussions and debates with various people. So at some point, I thought it might be more efficient to collect and summarize these questions and discussions in a blog instead of repeating the same in yet another email :-).

This blog is an attempt to illustrate some of these questions and the line of thinking this has let me to, and to bring some of seemingly complicated ideas closer to the “normal” person, who may not have a PhD both in physics and mathematics :-). My hope is that, at the very least, this will lead to interesting debates and discussions down the road. And maybe, some of you might be willing to swallow the red pill and live with the consequences :-).

I will start this blog around the topics of relativity and quantum mechanics, but may also discuss other questions in completely different areas.