The Puzzles


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First Puzzle: Just a Probability?

Is special relativity and quantum mechanics really as weird as advertised, and is our underlying reality just a probability? Or is there a common sense explanation that contains no magical elements?

Puzzle Piece 1: Optical Black Holes and Particles of Sound
Puzzle Piece 2: What’s the Matter with Matter?
Puzzle Piece 3: What’s special about Special Relativity?
Puzzle Piece 4: The (other) Heisenberg
Puzzle Piece 5: The Doppler Challenge
Puzzle Piece 6: Disentangling the Entanglement

Second Puzzle: Big Bang or Big Problem?

How well do the observations really match the (inflationary) Big Bang model? Are there some unanswered questions, and what about alternative models?

Big Bang Puzzle Piece I: Seeing Red
Big Bang Puzzle Piece 2: Older than Legally Allowed
Big Bang Puzzle Piece 3: Static Universe?