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Optical analogues of General Relativity:

  1. Hagen Kleinerts World Crystal:
  2. Defects and Diffusion in the Planck-Kleinert Crystal:
  3. Emerging Gravity from Defects in World Crystal:
  4. De Felice, F. On the gravitational field acting as an optical medium. Gen. Relativ. Gravit. 2,347–357 (1971).
  5. On the optical-mechanical analogy in general relativity: ,
  6. The Classical Wave Theory of Matter by Robert Close:
  7. Analogue Special and General Relativity:,
  8. Mimicking general relativity with Newtonian Dynamics:
  9. A Table-Top Test for General Relativity?
  10. A condensed Matter Interpretation of SM Fermions and Gauge Fields (Ilja Schmelzer):,
  11. The Cell lattice model (Ilja Schmelzer):
  12. Analogue Gravity:
  13. General Relativity in Electrical Engineering:
  14. Lorentz Contraction of Space and the Gravitational Field:
  15. Surprising Connections Between General Relativity and Condensed Matter:

Optical Black Holes:

  1. First black hole for light created on Earth:
  2. Physicists Make Artificial Black Hole Using Optical Fiber:
  3. Analytical Theory of Optical Black Hole Analogues:
  4. Trapping light by mimicking gravitational lensing:
  5. Creating Optical Black Holes to Produced Super Solar Cells:
  6. ‘Black hole’  made from light:

Phonons: Particles of Sound

  1. Definitions of Phonons:,
  2. Double slit experiments with phonons:
  3. Fantastic Phonons:
  4. Black body analogue for phonon:
  5. Polaritons:
  6. Photoelectric Effect:
  7. Chapter 6.5 in Material Science

Matter waves

Special Relativity:

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